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Chilthorne Domer Church School

Together we Love, we Aim High and we Celebrate!


The principle aim of Thrive is to create a workforce of adults who understand how to contribute to a child’s secure emotional base. Such a base provides the necessary foundation for healthy development and access to learning so that each child is able to maximise their potential.


There are four guiding principles deeply embedded in all aspects of the Thrive Approach®:


  • every child is a unique person, constantly developing and learning in different ways and at different rates, each with their own abilities, talents and potential to be fulfilled
  • children’s healthy development, emotional wellbeing and learning rely upon, and are promoted through, positive relationships
  • children flourish when they are confident, self-assured, capable and resilient
  • children thrive in enabling environments where children’s individual development, learning experiences and needs are understood, responded to and supported through strong partnerships with parents/carers.

Chilthorne Domer Church School's licensed practitioners are: 

  • Mrs Nichola Chesterton
  • Mrs Georgina Smith