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Chilthorne Domer Church School

Together we Love, we Aim High and we Celebrate!


Chilthorne Domer Church School Digital Leaders


Our Year 6 children work hard each week to support Mrs Stradling with our online safety and computing needs, across the school. 

Our Digital Leaders Contacting the Local Community

Our Digital Leaders continue to keep our school safe and are now developing their skills to keep our community safe.

Over the last few weeks, the Digital Leaders have been writing letters to our local feeder nurseries, pre-schools and childminder settings to share our Building Habits poster.


Here is a message from one of our Digital leaders, Immy:


Hello there,


I am a Digital Leader from Chilthorne Domer Church School.

This is an internet safety poster for children in reception, year one, year two and people young like you!


You can put this in your setting to remind you or maybe you could print it and have it in your own home! These are just to remind you and your fellow classmates how to be safe online! 

  • Ask - Ask your parents if you should go on this game, website or video.
  • Check - Check before you press on something.
  • Share - Share with your adult so they know what you are going on.
  • Time - Check what time it is and make sure you have some time off of a screen.
  • Be Kind - Make sure you are kind to EVERYONE.
  • Tell - Tell a parent or responsible adult if you are worried about something.
  • Move - Shake and move around for a bit - You can’t stay on a screen all day!
  • Mix - Do a board game or maybe read a book! Use your imagination!



We believe that by working together we can ensure our children are responsible online users.


Here at Chilthorne Domer Church School, we pride ourselves on being e-safety aware. We are very conscious of the technology filled world around our children today and strive to educate them in enjoyable and safe use. We are realistic and know that education and knowledge is the best way to prepare our children for an online world; our aim is to educate them so they know how to deal with situations which may arise during their time online, now and in the future.


At Chilthorne Domer Church School, your child will be introduced to e-safety in a progressive and planned way to help them understand how to keep safe when using the internet and other electronic devices in age-appropriate constructs.


Quick Wins for Parents:

Have you considered using Google Family? This is a free and easy way for both you and your child to monitor time and screen usage and also includes other useful safety features such as remote device locking. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. More information can be found below.

Safer Internet Day 2022


Safer Internet Day 2022 was celebrated on February 8th with the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. Follow the link below to find lots of useful information. 

DigiSafe Daily (LGfL)

During the first lockdown, the LGfL's safeguarding team, produced a digital-safe worksheet every day - an amazing total of 71. The sheets are also available in printer-friendly black and white. You can find them all below:

Screen Savers: Looking after your eyes, body and mind when using screens (Beacon House)

We are spending more time online than ever before, possibly sitting and working with poor posture as we use makeshift desks and chairs. There is a tendency to take fewer breaks and less exercise and this is affecting our physical well-being.

Beacon House the specialist, therapeutic service for young people, families and adults has produced a series of six posters outlining ways to keep safe and alert when working at home, whether children or adults.

Download the posters below:

Further Beacon House resources can be found on their website here:

Please find below a link to our E-Safety policies 

Useful posters for children

Did you know that Youtube has both a Kids Mode and a Restricted Mode? You can learn the differences by following these links to consider which mode is most appropriate for your family's use. 

E-Safety Calendar of Events 












E-Safety Class Rules

AUP – Staff and pupils

Digiduck assembly – whole school


Termly report to governors 


E-Safety Hero’s assembly - Scenarios 

Safer Internet

Termly report to governors

Stop Cyberbullying Day


Excessive/Obsessive use – assembly – whole school

YR5/6 Appropriate websites / copyright


Termly report to governors  August 

Latest useful online safety information:

Is your child playing Fortnite or Roblox? Using TikTok? Get all the information you need to keep them safe here

TikTok Family Safety Mode

Tiktok is proving to be a huge success, with many of its users being children and young people. 

As with all social networks, users need to be aware of the risks as well as the opportunities and it's vital that parents monitor their children's use. To support parents in this, a new Family Safety mode has been launched. It allows parents to link their own account to their children's and set restrictions on content, contact and manage screen time.

Common sense have a useful guide to Tiktok for parents at:

Other useful links for parents:

Safer Internet Day 2020 Willow Class