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Chilthorne Domer Church School

Together we Love, we Aim High and we Celebrate!


Chilthorne Domer Church School Digital Leaders


Our Digital Leaders

Below you will find our amazing Digital Leaders who work alongside Mrs Stradling with our online safety and computing needs.  See if you can spot them as you walk around the school.  They will all be wearing a special Digital Leader badge to help you recognise them.

Online Safety Assembly: I am Healthy

Monday 22nd April 2024

On Monday the 22nd of April the Digital Leaders led an assembly about the theme ‘I am healthy’.  We looked at how life changing the words yes and no can be.


Mrs Stradling asked someone to come out to play a game with her at the front of the hall.  The game involved the challenge where you can't say no or yes.  It was pretty difficult!


We then watched 2 dilemmas.  One was about how a friend put loads of makeup on and looked way older she is.  She said that you should try it but the person was keen on this idea.  Afterwards, we asked the children in the assembly what they thought she should do and they all said to choose not to do it.


The second scenario was about older boys who had put a classmate in a bin and you had to choose whether to share the photo or keep it to yourself. The children were amazing and chose that it would be better to keep it to yourself rather than sharing it and upsetting someone.


Finally, we reminded everyone that we are all unique, have a beautiful smile and are perfect in every way!



Digital Leader



Top tips on how to stay safe at Easter

Friday 29th March 2024


Henry our Digital Leader has created a special online safety message to share his 'Top tips on how to stay safe over Easter.'

Both children and adults are more likely to be on their devices over the Easter holidays so these top tips will be a helpful reminder about staying safe.

Thank you, Henry.

Online Safety Assembly:  Safe and Secure - Viruses

Thursday 29th March 2024


A message from our Digital Leader, Harriet:


Today, 28th march 2024, the Digital leaders did an assembly on viruses and how to stay safe. In the assembly we talked about things not to do and things to do if something happens.   Never click on a random link, always tell a trusted adult and never trust anyone online. We hope all the children enjoyed the assembly and remembered all the tips we gave them. 

Safer Internet Day 2024

Safer Internet Day 2024 took place on Tuesday 6th February celebrating the day with the theme ‘Inspiring Change? Making a difference, managing influence, and navigating change online. 


Safer Internet Day is the UK's biggest celebration of online safety.  Each year, it focuses on an online issue or theme that speaks to the things young people are seeing and experiencing online.  This year the theme covered:


- Young people's perspective on new and emerging technology.

- Using the internet to make change for the better.

- The changes young people want to see online.

- The things that can influence and change the way young people think, feel and act online and offline. 


Our Digital Leaders have made us very proud recently by learning their assembly scripts and then delivering two wonderful assemblies this week. KS2 celebrated yesterday with the Digital Leaders and EYFS along with KS1 celebrated today.

Throughout the week, the children will be creating their own signposts about how to make positive changes online and we can not wait to see them.


Message from Flossie our Digital Leader:

During the week of the 5th of February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day by having assemblies for EYFS/KS1 and KS2.  We looked at how to stay safe online and what to do when something happens.  In the assemblies, the children found it funny how old computers looked! For the challenge we asked the children to design sign posts about how to make positive changes online for the future .

Our Safer Internet Day Pledges - This Safer Internet Day I Will...

This week all of the children across the school had the challenge to complete the Safer Internet Day signpost posters.  Each child carefully thought about how they use the internet and how they could make positive changes in the future.


Some of the children thought about:

Being yourself.  Don't try to be someone you are not!

Keeping your personal information private.

Remembering to be kind when messaging.

Knowing who you can talk to if something happens e.g. Mum please help me.

Remembering not to click on advertisements.

Understanding you can report or block people.

Knowing that you can turn off your device.

Here is a message from one of our Digital Leaders, Henry:


Safer Internet Day Details


On February 6th Tuesday 2024 we will be celebrating Safer Internet Day.  This is world wide.

The focus will be ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing  influence and navigating change online.’

We will be celebrating by doing assemblies and activities.


Age Rating for TikTok

The Digital Leaders have been thinking carefully about the apps that children in school may use and how important it is that we realise what the recommended age restrictions for these are.

Staying Safe Over Christmas

I am very proud to share that our fabulous Digital Leaders chose to use their last session of the year to make posters, independently about how to keep everyone safe online over the Christmas holidays.

Please visit our school blog and eSafety page for further posters made by the children:

Best wishes,

Mrs Stradling

 Age Ratings for Games and Apps

A message from your Digital Leaders Olivia and Harriet:

Did you know that there are recommendations for you to only watch programmes and play games that are suitable for age?  Most apps and programmes have age limits so you know what you can play\watch. PEGI rating (Pan European Game Information) is a guide to show you and your guardians / parents’ what games are suitable for you to watch/play on. PEGI rating is the minimum age you can be to download and play the game, programme or app.  They put PEGI ratings to keep you safe.


The different symbols are 3+ that mean it's for all ages and 7+ means all people 7 plus can play. Next you have 12+ so all 12 year olds and up can play, this is because there may be violence.  Another is 16+, and finally 18+ means no children should be using 18+.  So always look at an age limit before you buy or download a game. Stay safe online!

I am Kind and Responsible:  Copyrights and Copywrongs November 2023

Here are some articles from our Digital Leaders about what they have been sharing in assembly this week.

Today in our morning assembly we learnt about copyrights, copywrongs and plagiarism. And how to acknowledge that we have used someone else's work this identifies that we need to ask that person for permission before using it. And also how to be respectful online.

Your Digital Leader,



Today at Chilthorne Domer school, in our assembly we were learning about copyrights and copywrongs, and being kind and responsible. We talked about asking for permission before we can take photos and work from other people, this is called acknowledgement. We also talked a lot about copyrights. It is important to check if we are allowed to take photos from the internet.

Your Digital Leader,



IT WENT AMAZING!!! The assembly was about copyright and copywrongs.  Plagiarism is where you steal someone's work.  So for this we would first have to ask for permission to use someone's work.  We should be kind and respectful and acknowledge whose work it is.  If an image says 'free for commercial use', you are able to use it. If it doesn't say anything, don't use it and again be kind and respectful.

Your Digital Leader,



The Best Thing About Being a Digital Leader

Still image for this video
Here is a little video of some of the things that our Digital Leaders have loved doing in their special roles this year. A huge thank you from Mrs Stradling for their dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to making this year so successful!

360 Degree Online Safety Mark Pass 'With Flying Colours'

We are SO excited to share that after a visit from one of the 360 degree assessors we have achieved our 360 Degree Online Safety Mark 'with flying colours'.  The assessor spent time throughout the morning, talking to the Senior Leadership Team, the Digital Leaders, representatives from each of our classes, class teachers, teaching assistants, governors and parents.  This was to check that our Online Safety aims and values are lived out every day and this is exactly what they found. 


A big part of the process is all the work that the fabulous Digital Leaders do.  They meet with Mrs Stradling every Thursday during lunch time and are never shy of the next challenge that they are faced with.  Below is a picture of all of the Digital Leaders celebrating the exciting news that we have achieved our Online Safety Mark.

Digital Leader Summer Assembly:  Making Comments

Today the Digital Leaders led an assembly about making comments.  We looked at a picture of a beach and another of some 'friends' at a wedding, discussing what we might say about them. We discussed positive comments made online about the pictures but how one negative comment made can over ride all of these positive comments for those who are sharing the pictures.


During this time, we talked about how when posting information on various platforms, we need to think about who may see our posts.  Even if we post on platforms where we choose who can see our information, someone could easily screenshot or take a photograph of our post and share it with others, who we may not know. 


Children were reminded of the importance to TELL someone if they are worried and how those people can then support them at home or in school. 

Reaching Out to Our Community

This term, the Digital Leaders have been very busy writing letters to all of our wonderful feeder nurseries and pre-school settings.  Their challenge has been to share our fabulous Building Habits posters with each setting and to explain how to use them successfully to encourage their children to be safe online when using a device.

Each of the children wrote a letter and these were sent out to the nurseries. Please see a couple of letters from the children below.

Technology Open Classroom Event - Wednesday 7th June 2023


Today we invited all of our parents and carers to our Technology Open Classroom Event.  The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with their families and it was lovely to watch the level of engagement between them all.


In Ash and Beech Classes, the children shared their knowledge of programming Blue-Bots, using Jit5 to paint a picture and add text, as well as programming on Jit5.  


During the Key Stage 2 learning, Maple, Oak and Willow Classes shared their knowledge of programming using Scratch and using Micro:Bits.


Between the sessions, Mrs Stradling delivered a presentation about Online Safety that included information about recent statistics, what we do at Chilthorne Domer Church School in regards to Online Safety and how parents and carers can help their children at home e.g. using the eLIM Building Habits posters.  During the session, we emphasised the importance of TALKING to your child and having positive conversations. The more we talk about things, the more our children will share things with us, which in turn will allow us to protect them.


In the event that your child comes across someone asking to share inappropriate material or requests to meet them in person, please REPORT this to advisors at either:

Child Exploitation and Online Protection


Internet Watch Foundation


The session finished by reminding everyone to TALK and to ALWAYS BE KIND.


We had such a positive morning and look forward to hosting another similar event.


An Update from the Chilthorne Domer Church School Digital Leaders


We are some of the Digital Leaders at Chilthorne Domer Church School. During this half term on the 25th May 2023,  the Digital Leaders led an assembly in front of the whole school about Staying Healthy.  This focused on Self Image


We began the assembly by looking at photos and discussing what we could see was the same about the people in them and what was also different about them.  Afterwards, we looked at how we can be good at different things, which our image might not tell us e.g. being good at reading, being a great mathematician or a wonderful listener. 


As part of this discussion, we then spoke about how it is important to not always believe what you see online, as often this it is not real.  When we see an image, that is all we see and do not really know or understand what is actually going on in that person’s life.  Although they may appear pretty or handsome they have probably used lots of filters on the picture or video that they have posted. We do not know if they are genuinely happy or not. 


To finish the assembly, we focused on talking about how important it is to believe in yourself and how to remember how amazing you are.


Thank you for listening,

The Digital Leaders. 


If you are ever worried about someone or something, it is always important to talk to someone about it.  To help your family stay safe online, the NSPCC have some helpful tips that you can follow to keep your child safe online.

Digital Leaders Spring Online Safety Assembly

The Digital Leaders led their Spring assembly to the whole school about being Safe and Secure.  They shared examples of emails and discussed whether or not they should respond to them. Afterwards, they shared part of the video about Kim and Lee playing a game online and invited the children to think about what they should do at different points.  Later on the children watched the rest of the video in their classes, which looked at how you can never be sure about who is behind an avatar.

If you would like to watch the video, please follow the link below:

Safer Internet Day - 7th February 2023

This year we celebrated Safer Internet across the school.  The focus was 'Want to talk about it?  Making time for conversations about life online.'  You can visit our Safer Internet Day page to find out more. (See below)

Which apps would you recommend?

As part of Safer Internet Day, we set the children a challenge to complete at home.  For EYFS and KS1 children, we asked them to think about apps that they enjoy using and to think about one they would recommend.  Here are the highlights from the children and families who completed the challenge.

Are activities better with or without technology?

For KS2 children, their challenge was to think about the different activities they do each day and whether they felt that they were better with technology or without.  Here are some examples of the challenges the children and their families completed: 

Online Safety Survey

November 2022


The Digital Leaders have been busy carrying out an online safety survey across EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 during the last week, whilst the upper Key Stage 2 classes have independently completed the survey using their Google accounts.  The survey is being completed by all of our children to identify the areas of online safety that they are confident with and areas that we can support the children with during the year.


As always, the Digital Leaders have taken pride in their role, using wonderful communication skills with the children they are working with.

The Best Part of Being a Digital Leader

Still image for this video
Our Digital Leaders have made us SO proud this year. It has been an absolute joy to have them working alongside me on all things computing, as well as encouraging others to stay safe online. They even had time on their last day (in between signing their polos) to explain why they have enjoyed being a Digital Leader this year.

Thank you Digital Leaders and good luck on your next adventure. We will miss you!
Mrs Stradling

Our Digital Leaders Contacting the Local Community

Our Digital Leaders continue to keep our school safe and are now developing their skills to keep our community safe.

Over the last few weeks, the Digital Leaders have been writing letters to our local feeder nurseries, pre-schools and childminder settings to share our Building Habits poster.


Here is a message from one of our Digital leaders, Immy:


Hello there,


I am a Digital Leader from Chilthorne Domer Church School.

This is an internet safety poster for children in reception, year one, year two and people young like you!


You can put this in your setting to remind you or maybe you could print it and have it in your own home! These are just to remind you and your fellow classmates how to be safe online! 

  • Ask - Ask your parents if you should go on this game, website or video.
  • Check - Check before you press on something.
  • Share - Share with your adult so they know what you are going on.
  • Time - Check what time it is and make sure you have some time off of a screen.
  • Be Kind - Make sure you are kind to EVERYONE.
  • Tell - Tell a parent or responsible adult if you are worried about something.
  • Move - Shake and move around for a bit - You can’t stay on a screen all day!
  • Mix - Do a board game or maybe read a book! Use your imagination!



We believe that by working together we can ensure our children are responsible online users.


Here at Chilthorne Domer Church School, we pride ourselves on being e-safety aware. We are very conscious of the technology filled world around our children today and strive to educate them in enjoyable and safe use. We are realistic and know that education and knowledge is the best way to prepare our children for an online world; our aim is to educate them so they know how to deal with situations which may arise during their time online, now and in the future.


At Chilthorne Domer Church School, your child will be introduced to e-safety in a progressive and planned way to help them understand how to keep safe when using the internet and other electronic devices in age-appropriate constructs.


Quick Wins for Parents:

Have you considered using Google Family? This is a free and easy way for both you and your child to monitor time and screen usage and also includes other useful safety features such as remote device locking. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. More information can be found below.

Safer Internet Day 2023


Safer Internet Day 2023 was celebrated on February 7th with the theme ‘Want to talk about it?  Making space for conversations about life online. Follow the link below to find lots of useful information. 

DigiSafe Daily (LGfL)

During the first lockdown, the LGfL's safeguarding team, produced a digital-safe worksheet every day - an amazing total of 71. The sheets are also available in printer-friendly black and white. You can find them all below:

Screen Savers: Looking after your eyes, body and mind when using screens (Beacon House)

We are spending more time online than ever before, possibly sitting and working with poor posture as we use makeshift desks and chairs. There is a tendency to take fewer breaks and less exercise and this is affecting our physical well-being.

Beacon House the specialist, therapeutic service for young people, families and adults has produced a series of six posters outlining ways to keep safe and alert when working at home, whether children or adults.

Download the posters below:

Further Beacon House resources can be found on their website here:

Please find below a link to our E-Safety policies 

Useful posters for children

Did you know that Youtube has both a Kids Mode and a Restricted Mode? You can learn the differences by following these links to consider which mode is most appropriate for your family's use. 

Online Safety Calendar of Events

Latest useful online safety information:

Is your child playing Fortnite or Roblox? Using TikTok? Get all the information you need to keep them safe here

TikTok Family Safety Mode

Tiktok is proving to be a huge success, with many of its users being children and young people. 

As with all social networks, users need to be aware of the risks as well as the opportunities and it's vital that parents monitor their children's use. To support parents in this, a new Family Safety mode has been launched. It allows parents to link their own account to their children's and set restrictions on content, contact and manage screen time.

Common sense have a useful guide to Tiktok for parents at:

Other useful links for parents: