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Chilthorne Domer Church School

Together we Love, we Aim High and we Celebrate!

Ash Class

Welcome to Ash Class!​​


Our Class Teachers are ​Mrs Stradling and Mrs Carter.

Miss Dare supports our class throughout the week.

Ash Class is where our EYFS (Reception) children learn all about school life and enjoy exploring and playing. Mrs Carter teaches the beginning of the week and Mrs Stradling teaches the end of the week.  We are very lucky to have the support of Miss Dare every day of the week, along with Mrs Budden on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon to help us with our learning.

During the summer term,  we will be using the theme 'How Can We Be Creative?' to develop our Expressive Art and Design skills.  This will mean we will be able to learn about a range of artistic skills in both 2D and 3D form, with a range of materials and resources.  As we reach the end of the term, the children will have produced special pieces of work that can be displayed in our School Art Exhibition. 


In our phonic sessions, we will be moving on to learn our Phase 4 phonic blends and clusters ready for developing our reading and writing.  Linked to our science sessions, for our Literacy sessions will delve into the world of Eric Carle and read some of his wonderful stories e.g. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Busy Spider.  In addition to this, we will begin to sequence, retell and write some more lovely traditional tales, along with adventure stories which link to some of our interests. 


In Maths, we will be learning more and more about numbers 11 - 20, and what their composition is.  We will also develop our confidence and understanding for number bonds to 10, doubling, halving and sharing with numbers to 10.


It is going to be full of adventure!


Our PE days are on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Our Christian Values for this term are:

Summer 1: Service

Summer 2: Truthfulness


Best wishes,

The Ash Class Team

Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter and Map

Please see below for our new summer term curriculum newsletter and map that will provide you with knowledge about all of the wonderful learning we will be covering.

Spirals in Ash Class

Thursday 18th April 2024


Ash Class have been exploring spirals today in their Expressive Arts and Design session. They began by making a tiny dot on their paper and then used their hands and arms to make the spiral move outwards, whilst listening to calming classical music.

At the end of our session, the children walked around their art work in their own art gallery

Chicks Arrive in Ash Class

Saturday 30th March 2024

Ash Class have had another wonderful experience this week.  They have been lucky enough to watch eggs in an incubator hatch into chicks, right in front of their very own eyes.


The excitement that this created was wonderful.  A huge thank you to our Chair of Governors and his wife for creating this opportunity for the children.  The chicks are now safely back in the countryside ready to grow.

Ash Class learning about now and in the past


Ash class children have been learning about significant people in our lifetime. To begin with they learnt all about King Charles III who is our monarch now. Coincidently, we received this framed picture of King Charles (along with every school in the country) to hang in our school which helped us see how important he is.

Afterwards, the children learnt about Queen Elizabeth II and how she is a monarch from our past. (In the Early Years, everything that has happened before now is thought about as the past.)

It was interesting to compare both of their coronations and identify how life has changed over time.

Visiting Lambs

Ash Class were extremely lucky to venture out on a welly walk to visit some ewes and their lambs this morning. Our Chair of Governors always provides this first hand experience for our children and we are so very grateful.


This week the children have begun to look at the different parts of a plant e.g. roots, stem, leaves, petals and seeds.  They also had the chance to plant some sunflowers!

Building Houses for the Three Little Pigs

The children in Ash Class have been learning about the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs.'  As part of their learning, they had the challenge to visit the forest area and try to build a house for the pigs to live in.  They had so much fun!

Pancake Celebrations in Ash Class

The children in Ash Class had a wonderful time designing a pancake topping of their choice before using the ingredients to make their design come to life!

Spring Term Newsletter and Curriculum Map


Please find attached our curriculum newsletter and curriculum map, which will inform you about what is happening in Ash Class this term.

Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter and Curriculum Map

Activities to help your child:

Useful Websites to Support Your Child's Learning at Home

Below are some of our favourite games in Ash Class.  Please visit the sites to support your child's learning at home.


We use this website to support our learning with maths.  It has lots of wonderful games and can direct you to lots of other websites within it as well. 

Our favourite games to play are listed below.


Reception Children:

Underwater Counting

Children count the number of items in the ocean and select the matching numeral.


Caterpillar Ordering

Children can order numbers to 10, then 20 and work up to 100, through the different levels.

Place Value Basketball

This is where the children need to think about which number is being represented e.g. how many tend and how many ones.  The children can start at the first level with numbers to 20 and then move up to numbers to 100 if they so wish.


Shape Pattern Train:
Children can complete repeating patterns - adding on the next shape.


Toy Shop Money:
Children should make amounts, counting in 1p coins.

Year 1 Children: 

Place Value Basketball 

This is where the children need to think about which number is being represented e.g. how many tens and how many ones.  The children can start at the first level working to numbers to 20 and move up to numbers to 100.


Caterpillar Ordering:

The children can order their numbers to 100, placing the tiles in order.  They can also sequence the numbers in 2s.


Shape Pattern Train:

Children should complete the repeating pattern, changing 1, 2 or 3 components at one time.


Toy Shop Money:

Children should make amounts using 1p coins, 2p coins, 5p coins and 10p coins.


Mental Maths Train:

Children can find the answer, following an addition and subtraction calculation.



Phonics Play: 


Reception Children:  In class, we have been focusing on Phase 2,3 and 4 in our phonics sessions.  We have also begun to look into split digraphs and alternative ways of writing a sound in Phase 5.  


Year 1 Children:  In class, we still revisit Phase 3 and 4 to help us consolidate our phonic knowledge, as well as playing the games for Phase 5 where our main learning takes place.


We use the free games in school and these are our favourite ones to help us develop our learning:

Buried Treasure

Picnic on Pluto

Dragon's Den

Pick a Picture


You will notice that some words are 'alien' (pseudo) words.  These encourage the children to practise their phonic skills and ensure they have a secure understanding of them, rather than recognising them through sight.  It is important that children are immersed with 'real' and 'pseudo' words.