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Chilthorne Domer Church School

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Wider Curriculum Home Resources

PHSE - Being Healthy


Last week we looked at some of the ways to keep our bodies healthy which included eating a balanced diet!


This week I would like you to think of ways that you not only keep your body healthy - but also your mind! What things do you do that help you, feel calm and relaxed, make you feel happy and make you laugh? 


Create a poster showing me all the ways you keep your mind happy and healthy! 


Some ideas that I do to keep myself happy and healthy:


* I read lots of books, adults books and lots and lots of children's books. 

* I make a healthy smoothie! I really enjoy making a healthy smoothie, I know when I drink it, it will put a huge smile on my face! Yum Yum!

* I play board games with my family - I know when we play UNO or Dobble there will be lots of laughing.

* I dance with my children or my friends - you will have all seen Mrs Smith dancing around the classroom with Mrs Knight, Mrs Burt and Mrs Frost, lots of times you've all joined in!  It helps me focus and helps me find myself funny! There is always time for dancing! 

* I turn off my computer, my work is very important to me and sometimes I can find it hard to stop. I know in order to be the best teacher I can be I need a rest from the computer. I go and spend time with my family, with Watson and often go for long walks with them all. 


What do you do to keep your mind healthy?




Physical Education: 

Log into your REALPE login and choose a session to join in with! Send Mrs Smith a picture or message on DOJO and let me know what you've been up to! 





Science: Materials Investigation


Please complete the first 3 lessons of the topic below from the Oak Academy over 3 different afternoons this week. 


Each lesson has a worksheet uploaded below - please discuss the first section with your child and then complete the observation activity in your books or on a piece of paper. 


Please follow the link below to access the Oak Academy Lessons (You may need to copy and paste):







Christian Value: Courage.


(Please note - not all these tasks need to be completed at the same time)


Our Christian Value this half term is Courage.


Task One: 

Can you research what the word courage means? Can you think of any words that mean the same thing.


Task Two:

Write the word 'Courage' into a cloud on a piece of paper - think of all the times you have had to show courage in your life, write them down around the cloud. 


Some ideas of when you have had to show courage might be: 

* Your very first day at school - maybe you did not know anyone and were feeling a little bit wobbly. 

* When you had to go to the doctors - maybe you do not like seeing the doctor very much and again this makes you feel a bit wobbly. 

* Maybe you've had to tell the truth about something when you did not do the right thing (that happens to every single one of us!). 

* Maybe you had to tell a grown up when you thought something was not right. 


Task Three: 

Read through some of the Courage prayers uploaded below. Write your own prayer about Courage and send it over to Mrs Smith on Dojo. 



Art: Colour Chaos Mondrian.


In art we are going to start looking at the works of Piet Mondrain, he is an artist that really liked using Primary colours. You will find out more about this in the PowerPoint below. 


Can you create a collage of using Piet Mondrain's art work as inspiration? I cannot wait to see them. 

Physical Education: Gymnastics


Use the resource below to practice some gymnastic skills - how many animal movements can you make up? Can you remember any of the animal poses from Tatty Bumpkin yoga to help you think of some animal movements? 


Remember before you start to clear a nice big space where you cannot bump into anything and that you warm up by stretching your body properly. 


If you would rather please complete a Joe Wickes previous workout from his Youtube challenge in preparation for his new classes starting soon! 

PHSE: Being Healthy 


Task 1:

Research ways we can keep ourselves healthy and why it is important - use websites or books from home. There are also some resources below you could look at.


Task 2:

Design a poster giving information on the ways we can keep our bodies and our wellbeing healthy. Share this with Mrs Smith on Dojo.