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Chilthorne Domer Church School

We Stand Tall, Aim High and Love Learning

Wider Curriculum Home Resources

World Book Day: 4th March


Thursday is World Book Day - I love reading and I know how much you enjoy it too! One of my favourite things to do in class is share a book with all of you! I am so looking forward to this when we are all back together again! 


Task One:

This World Book Day I would like to find out all about your favourite books, maybe you know an amazing book I have not read before, maybe you like a particular book as much as I do!  I would like you to draw a picture of your favourite book and write some sentences about why it is your absolute favourite one! ! You can present this is any way you choose and photographs of this amazing work will be on our reading display! 


Task Two: 

Can you create a  toilet roll character from your favourite book? Can you use the inside tube from a toilet roll and paint it, decorate it, colour it, collage it - whatever you choose, so it looks like your favourite character? Again send me a photo on DOJO as these will also be added to our reading display! 


Task Three: You can choose if you would like to complete any of the activities below! 

Week Commencing 01.02.2021


Physical Education: 


Complete some of the online videos by Mr Barlow uploaded to the website - or sign into REAL PE (logins sent via DOJO previously) and choose an activity to complete! 


Geography: Continents 


Complete some of the actvities below to research all about the Continent of Antartica and Oceania. Add these to your completed work on Africa - building your Continents research folder! Remember you can also add your comprehension actvities!

RE: What do Christians believe about God?


Follow the resources below to explore this weeks lesson: Caring for Creation.


The Story of Adam, the first man.


The Bible says that God made the first man and gave him a beautiful garden to live in - the Garden of Eden.


Can you build or create  "garden" of trees, flowers and fruit, you can cerate this in any media you choose, playdoh, paint, crayons. Draw or create a figure which represents Adam into the garden.


God was like a loving Father to Adam, and Adam loved to talk with Him. God gave Adam an important job to do. He told Adam that he was to be in charge of this beautiful world that God had made, but he must also look after it and take care of it. God had made many wonderful animals, birds and insects. One by one he showed them to Adam, and Adam gave them each a name. Even though he had so many animals for company, Adam was lonely, so God made Eve, the first Woman, to be his wife and friend.


Questions to discuss: 

What do you imagine the world was like before people? How would it be different to how it is today? 


Create a poster describing ways we can look after our World - just like the important job God gave Adam. You might like to use the song below for some inspiration!




Design Technology: Sliders and Levers


Complete Lesson one on Oak Academy using the link below, we will be using these skills when we get back to school!



Week Commencing 22.02.2021


Christian Value: Forgiveness


Look at the PowerPoint Being Sorry below. What do you think the word Forgiveness means? This is our Christian Value for this half term.


Answer the following questions:


What is forgiveness?

Why is it important we say sorry? 

Why is it important we show people forgiveness?


Send your thoughts to Mrs Smith on Dojo!


Continents and Oceans: Africa


This half term we will be continuing to look at our topic of Continents and Oceans. This week our Story from Other Cultures for English is set in Africa.


This week I would like you to complete the activities below to explore Africa creating your own information file all about it!


* Create a fact file about Africia using the information PowerPoint below.

* Using PowerPoint My day, Your Day complete the sorting activity to compare your day to a child who lives in Rural Kenya. 

* Colour in a South Africa Flag, some African Traditional patterns and or make some traditional African jewellery using pasta and a paper plate! 

* Compare the Physical and Human features of Africa using the activity below - what is man- made what is naturally made? 

* Remember you can add your Africa Comprehension task to your file all about Africa also! 


Extra Challenge: Research all about one of the Big Five animals which live in Africa. Draw and label a picture of your chosen animal (You might even write a couple of facts about it!) or produce a mini project telling me all about the animal you have researched!


Week Commencing 8th Feb 2021


Physical Education:


Please remember to join our Live PE sessions with Mr Barlow every Tuesday and Thursday at the new time of 2.15pm. Link is on our Class Dojo. 


Complete one of Mr Barlow's pre-recorded sessions - you can find a hyper link  for this on the Beech Class Self Isolation Resources front page. (The one with the Stars with each subject - just scroll down!)

Topic work: 


This week we will start to look at our topic of our wider world. This week we will be looking at China and the Chinese New Year. There are a variety of activities below for you to complete. 


Task one: 

Create a fact file all about China. Use the resources below to help you learn all about Chinese Culture, create a fact file to show me all of your learning. 


Task two: 

Create a table to compare the UK and China, what are the similarities and differences. You can think about the foods eaten in each country, the countries traditions or celebrations.


Task three: 

Complete some of the activities below which will help you learn all about the Chinese New year! 

Week Commencing 1st Feb 2021


Physical Education:


Please remember to join our Live PE sessions with Mr Barlow every Tuesday and Thursday at the new time of 2.15pm. Link is on our Class Dojo. 


Complete one of Mr Barlow's pre-recorded sessions - you can find a hyper link  for this on the Beech Class Self Isolation Resources front page. (The one with the Stars with each subject - just scroll down!) 

Music and Geography: 


Follow the link below in order to learn Sing-ups Continent Song! Can you name all of the continents after learning the words and singing along? 


Scroll down until you find: The Geography Song - you will be able to play the song and bring up the words!



Find out some facts about each Continent and create a piece of work showcasing your learning! You can present this in any way you choose! You have 2 weeks to complete this work to give you plenty of time! 




This week is National Mental Health Week - please spend some time each day looking at the resources to support Mental Health Week under the Tab Mental Health and Wellbeing and complete a variety of the challenges. 


This is a tricky time for us all and looking after ourselves and each other is a number 1 priority - Express Yourself using any of the suggestions, Music, Art, Dance or complete any of the challenges and send them over! There will be awards for children who really embrace this important element of staying healthy!


I cannot wait to see what you have been up to!

RE - What do Christians believe about God?


This week in RE we will look at the story of Creation. 


There is a story in the Bible which Christians believe expresses their key beliefs about creation these are: 

God created the universe.

The story is called the six days of creation and describes what God did as the world was created.

The last thing that God created was humans.


Christians believe that God expects humans to care for His world because it belongs to God.


Watch the video link below to learn all about Creation: 


This is a story from the Bible. It is important to both Jews and Christians.



The Bible says that God was really pleased with the perfect world that he had made. Some of the things that people make and do are spoiling our world. What things? What can we do to make this better? 


Present your ideas in your RE book in any way you choose. You could design a poster, create a spidergram or mindmap or draw a picture with an explanation. 



Using the programme below (copy and paste the link) - can you create a computerised painting of something to do with Space? Use your imagination - maybe you could draw one of the Planets, a rocket or even use this programme to draw a picture of your Planet you have thought of for English!


Remember to send a copy to Mrs Smith on Class Dojo!




Week Commencing 25.01.2021

RE: Christian Value Courage.


This week it is our turn to read a Poem on our poetry podium for Praise Assembly. For RE this week I would like you to focus on writing a poem using Courage as it's topic. I would like you to write a poem describing the ingredients needed to be courageous. You can then send a message to Mrs Smith on DOJO if you would like to read your poem. Have a look at my poem below to give you some ideas! 


My Jar of Courage by Mrs Smith, 


For a jar full of courage I will need, 

Some big gulps of breath to help me breathe, 

One or two smiles from a friend, 

This will help me make a perfect blend,

A few words of kindness will be a great start, 

I know those words will fill up my heart,

A sprinkle of bravery poured in from a spoon, 

and finally a light beam caught in the jar from the Moon. 


Courage Jar Poem Resources:

Science: Investigating Materials. 


Well done Beech on all your learning about Materials - you have completed some wonderful work. This week I would like you to use all the knowledge you have learnt to design your very own Space Rover! 


Use the sheet below to draw your Space Rover ensuring that you label what the parts are made from. For example what would the windows on the Rover be made from? You need to be able to see through them? Remember to use all the language we learnt last week such as absorbent or opaque!


I cannot wait to see them!



History: A timeline of Space Exploration.


We are looking at Space this half term as our topic. This week I would like you to complete a Space Exploration timeline! Use the resources below to support your learning. You can present your timeline using any media you choose. A poster, a person sized time line, presentation or anything else you can think of! If you would prefer to complete the Worksheet below that is also absolutely ok!


Physical Education:


Sign in to our Live sessions with Mr Barlow on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 11am - Mrs Smith will be joining you also! 


The zoom link for these session will come home via Class Dojo! 

Week Commencing 18.01.2021

RE: What do Christians believe about God? 


Lost and Found.


Have you ever lost anything? How did you feel when you knew it was lost? How did you feel when you found it again? 


Jesus told three stories one after another about things that were lost and found - The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin and The Lost Son.


Watch The Lost Sheep below:


Can you retell the story by acting it out? 

What message do we learn from the story above? 



Watch the next story below:



Think about the two stories you have watched and answer the questions below:


What do these stories say about needing to own up and be forgiven?

What do these stories say about what God is like?

What do these stories say about what we should be like?

Music: Learn a New Song


Follow the link below to learn a new song called the Wiggle Jiggle! Can you watch the video and join in with some of the actions? Can you have a go at making up some of your own? Listen for the beat of the music to keep in time!


(You may need to copy and paste!)


Think about: 


How does this music make you feel? Why?

Can you think of some adjectives to describe the music? 

What do you like about it?



Science: Investigating Materials


Please complete the last three lessons (you will have completed the first three last week!) and complete the worksheets uploaded below!


You may need to copy and paste the link:


Can you go on a material hunt at home? What materials can you find? What objects are they? Are some objects made of more than one material? 


Can you investigate floating objects at home? Choose a range of objects you are allowed to put into water (check with your adult at home!). Make a prediction... will it sink or will it float? Investigate! Pop your object into water. Think about why you may have been right or why you may have not been?  Send a picture to Mrs Smith where you investigate floating or sinking!


PHSE - Being Healthy


Last week we looked at some of the ways to keep our bodies healthy which included eating a balanced diet!


This week I would like you to think of ways that you not only keep your body healthy - but also your mind! What things do you do that help you, feel calm and relaxed, make you feel happy and make you laugh? 


Create a poster showing me all the ways you keep your mind happy and healthy! 


Some ideas that I do to keep myself happy and healthy:


* I read lots of books, adults books and lots and lots of children's books. 

* I make a healthy smoothie! I really enjoy making a healthy smoothie, I know when I drink it, it will put a huge smile on my face! Yum Yum!

* I play board games with my family - I know when we play UNO or Dobble there will be lots of laughing.

* I dance with my children or my friends - you will have all seen Mrs Smith dancing around the classroom with Mrs Knight, Mrs Burt and Mrs Frost, lots of times you've all joined in!  It helps me focus and helps me find myself funny! There is always time for dancing! 

* I turn off my computer, my work is very important to me and sometimes I can find it hard to stop. I know in order to be the best teacher I can be I need a rest from the computer. I go and spend time with my family, with Watson and often go for long walks with them all. 


What do you do to keep your mind healthy?




Physical Education: 

Log into your REALPE login and choose a session to join in with! Send Mrs Smith a picture or message on DOJO and let me know what you've been up to! 





Science: Materials Investigation


Please complete the first 3 lessons of the topic below from the Oak Academy over 3 different afternoons this week. 


Each lesson has a worksheet uploaded below - please discuss the first section with your child and then complete the observation activity in your books or on a piece of paper. 


Please follow the link below to access the Oak Academy Lessons (You may need to copy and paste):







Christian Value: Courage.


(Please note - not all these tasks need to be completed at the same time)


Our Christian Value this half term is Courage.


Task One: 

Can you research what the word courage means? Can you think of any words that mean the same thing.


Task Two:

Write the word 'Courage' into a cloud on a piece of paper - think of all the times you have had to show courage in your life, write them down around the cloud. 


Some ideas of when you have had to show courage might be: 

* Your very first day at school - maybe you did not know anyone and were feeling a little bit wobbly. 

* When you had to go to the doctors - maybe you do not like seeing the doctor very much and again this makes you feel a bit wobbly. 

* Maybe you've had to tell the truth about something when you did not do the right thing (that happens to every single one of us!). 

* Maybe you had to tell a grown up when you thought something was not right. 


Task Three: 

Read through some of the Courage prayers uploaded below. Write your own prayer about Courage and send it over to Mrs Smith on Dojo. 



Art: Colour Chaos Mondrian.


In art we are going to start looking at the works of Piet Mondrain, he is an artist that really liked using Primary colours. You will find out more about this in the PowerPoint below. 


Can you create a collage of using Piet Mondrain's art work as inspiration? I cannot wait to see them. 

Physical Education: Gymnastics


Use the resource below to practice some gymnastic skills - how many animal movements can you make up? Can you remember any of the animal poses from Tatty Bumpkin yoga to help you think of some animal movements? 


Remember before you start to clear a nice big space where you cannot bump into anything and that you warm up by stretching your body properly. 


If you would rather please complete a Joe Wickes previous workout from his Youtube challenge in preparation for his new classes starting soon! 

PHSE: Being Healthy 


Task 1:

Research ways we can keep ourselves healthy and why it is important - use websites or books from home. There are also some resources below you could look at.


Task 2:

Design a poster giving information on the ways we can keep our bodies and our wellbeing healthy. Share this with Mrs Smith on Dojo.