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Chilthorne Domer Church School

We Stand Tall, Aim High and Love Learning

Other lessons for the whole class

Reading Activity



Space Poems


Today please focus on the following 2 poems: 


When I’m an astronaut

The Moon



LO: Write a prequal to a story. 


Imagine if an apocalypse had plunged the world underwater, perhaps it would look like this. This short film is silent and only has two characters.  The clock hunter and a little girl who is discovered close to the end of the animation. The film opens with a view of the strange setting, we are left wondering if the clocks are underwater or inside a glass room under the water.  It is not until we first meet the clock hunter that we see that this is his home and it is under the water.  He is waiting for something and at 12 we find out what.  He is waiting for a low tide so that he can go and scavenge for clocks which are mysteriously scattered around the desolate landscape.   It seems like an ordinary day for our hero until he meets somebody unexpected who may just change his outlook on life.


Watch the short film: (Literacy Shed Version) (You Tube version)


You are going to write a prequel to the story. This means, you will write a short story about what happened BEFORE the characters arrived at this point in the story.


You might want to think about the following:


Who are the characters?

Where did these people come from?

How did they get to be in this situation?

Did they know each other already?



Visit You Tube to find the new PE lessons by Joe Wicks.


OR if you have been able to login to the Real PE lessons, have a go at one of the activities from there. 



LO: Explain the what a covenant.

Watch the video. 


Activity:  What is a covenant?