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Chilthorne Domer Church School

We Stand Tall, Aim High and Love Learning


As a school, we have a new times tables scheme running, in which the children complete a set of times tables 3 times a week. Once they have achieved 100% in the set level 3 times, they move up to the next level. Your child will know which of these two levels they must complete. They have 10 mins to complete it. Please let me know scores!

The children have been working on column subtraction with exchanging/regrouping. For today's lesson they must explain to our visitor (a crocodile who struggles with Maths) why, we sometimes have to exchange numbers to complete  column subtraction!


We would like to see a poster explaining how to solve 84-27 and then  321-119. Why do we cross out the tens digit and move it? I've tried explaining to him but he doesn't understand! Make sure your posters are clear and informative- Maple class may appreciate your help too!