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Chilthorne Domer Church School

Together we Love, we Aim High and we Celebrate!



LO: to understand what happens to a number when we multiply or divide by 10/100/1000


At school we have been working on multiplying and dividing by ten/100 and 1000 and understanding what happens to the digits each time.

I'd like you to start by thinking about what happens to a number (we have covered this at school). 


What if multiplied a whole number by ten, 100 or 1000. So.... what would happen if I had 32?


Then think about decimal numbers - 3.2, 6.4 etc. What would happen this time?


Then, what if I divided. Can we use the rule "put a zero on the end?"


If an adult can discuss this with you then fab! If not, I'd like you to create a poster to explain with examples? We would love to use it on display if it helps others!




With a times table assessment coming up, I would like you to focus on TT Rockstars and playing the Soundcheck section a few times. Which times tables are you unsure of or least confident with? Get practising; write them on post it notes- questions on one and answers on another. Can you play matching pairs? Can you set them up in order? Have an adult or some one else at home- try competing to find the answers to the questions before the other one!

Once you've done this I would like you to practise your times tables on TT Rockstars; use the Sound check section and try to beat your score each time!