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Chilthorne Domer Church School

Together we Love, we Aim High and we Celebrate!

Maple Class learning resources

Maths for 25th March

We are exploring shape in a variety of practical ways - join our lesson to explore together.

Maths - 24th March

Maths - 22nd March 2022

Guided Reading - Week Commencing 21st March

Grammar - Tuesday 22nd March

Spellings and Times Tables

Remember to use EdShed and TTRS to practise these!

Maths Resources for Thursday 10th February

English Resources for Thursday 27th Lesson

Computing - Tuesday 25th January

Explore how to make some lines and shapes with the programming language, Logo.

Logo J2Code

J2Logo is a logo based programming tool that covers the National Curriculum computing programmes of study for KS1 and KS2. It is completely free of charge to UK schools.



Then have a go at creating some shapes (using level 3 in J2code Logo) using the worksheet as a guide.


Have fun!

Computing resources

English for Tuesday 25th January 2022

Maths for Monday 24th January

Friday am - We are swimming until 11am so please continue with the usual reading, TTRS and Edshed.

When we return from swimming, join us for our spellings and x tables. We are then using this time to finish our maths from today.

History for Friday 21st January

English for Monday 17th January

Maths for Monday 17th January

Computing for Tuesday 14th December


Read through the information on the following page. It explains what pixels are, and how they create digital images.


This is similar to our previous work on mosaics. 


Choose one of the following pixel puzzles to solve, working like a computer screen to show all the correct coloured pixels in the correct places.


Fun Fact: Your image has 256 pixels. Most computer screens and TVs have more than 2,000,000!


From Mr Stradling

Science - Monday 13th December

English - Friday 9th December

Today we will be having our spelling tests and editing our writing from yesterday.

Maths for Friday 9th December

Math for Thursday 9th December - problem solving. Magic Vs

English resources for Thursday 9th December

Watch the clip of the John Lewis advert 2021 from 0.58 - 1.09. Think about how the girl reacts to the snow and when the boy throws the snowball at her.  Think about a time that you played in the snow - how did you feel? Use the resources to help you write amazing sentences in the next installment of your diary.

Resources for Mrs Smith's Lesson

After looking at a fake website last week (, today we will be thinking a little more about searching the world wide web. Use the link to the presentation (and the linked videos) to explore how search engines, like Google, work and how we can search safely and accurately.


On slide 10, the presentation asks you to search a topic using 3 words in different orders and record what the first 5 results are (excluding adverts). Please do this on the PDF sheet or use another way of writing these down.


Good luck and safe searching!

Year 3 Maths resources for Tuesday 7th December

Year 4 - Maths

You are doing a Maths assessment this morning - join us on Teams so that I can give you the information that you will need.

Year 3 Maths Questions for Tuesday 30th November

English - Monday 29th November

We will be doing a reading assessment in English.  You will need to be able to access your school emails - address should be in your Reading Record books.  You will then need a code from me. Join our lessons via the link sent on Parent Mail and I will be able to explain further.

Year 4 Maths questions for Monday 29th November

Year 3 Maths Questions for Monday 29th November

Maths Questions for Tuesday 23rd November - please join our lesson first!

Friday 19th Arithmetic Questions

x3 timetable booklet

Maths for 18th November

3 Times Table Booklet

Maths Questions for Tuesday 15th November

Maths questions for Monday 15th November

English Resources for Monday 15th November

Handwriting Monday 15th November

Maple Class Timetable for Week Beginning 18th October (revised)

Water cycle diagrams to label - remember you could draw your own!

Tuesday 19th October

Remember that Mrs Denley is not in school today but she would like you to select questions from the Maths and English challenge cards below.  (If you need to finish your newspaper report then do this instead.) If you still have time, then there are some Reading Comprehensions further down the page and you can also practise your spellings and times tables using Edshed or TTRS.  Don't forget to read! Have a great day and see you soon!

Computing for Tuesday 19th October


This is the last week of our introduction to Scratch! This time, I would like you to work through the tutorials in the project linked here: 

It will show you how to make an interactive scene, where the sprites do different things when you click on them. When you've made your scene, could you add another sprite or create a different scene that is interactive? Have fun and I hope to see you after half term! - Mr Stradling


For Monday's English lesson you will need Resource 7a today (speech bubbles)


We are going to be doing some Autumnal art this afternoon - join is for our lesson.  If you have any wax crayons and watercolours at home, have these ready.  If not, just have some colouring pencils or pens at the ready as well as some plain paper.


Mental Maths practice/fluency:

Breaking news! Great link to short and fun video maths games to play at home and at school! Click on the link below!

Maths Snacks Videos (


Your logins for Spelling Shed also allow you access to MathShed. On the games option, there are some great key skill games which include Number bonds, times tables, etc. Please have a look. 

Topmarks is also a great free site for all areas of Maths and learning is via games.




I have added some reading bookmarks below to support parents in asking their child questions about the book or text that he/she is reading. There are some useful question starters on them, and these are questions that your child is used to being asked in school.


You are now logged onto and have access to online books whenever you want! I have not allocated books but can see how often you are enjoying the books on there.

In addition to this, the BBC have just created a virtual library giving children free book access via