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Chilthorne Domer Church School

We Stand Tall, Aim High and Love Learning

Maple Class learning resources

Spring Term 2021


Here we are in a new week! Well done to all those children working at home, at school and in both locations! You have continued your learning brilliantly and are so well supported by your families. 


Thank you so much for joining the our daily registration meetings in the morning and afternoon. I know that you are all enjoying seeing your friends, sharing a Courage story, (our Christian value this term), a prayer, yoga, breathing exercises, a daily Happiness task, Russian, tongue twisters, sharing...


Thank you also for sharing learning completed as this allows me to "mark" and give feedback. Please encourage your child to read my feedback and to respond to it, by correcting their learning or improving it. All your children know their targets, and they are accustomed to this approach. 





I have enabled all children to have unlimited access to Mathletics tasks. Please complete any activities from Multiplication and Division. Topics to revise are Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and Money. 


Mental Maths practice/fluency:

Your logins for Spelling Shed also allow you access to MathShed. On the games option, there are some great key skill games which include Number bonds, times tables, etc. Please have a look. 

Topmarks is also a great free site for all areas of Maths and learning is via games.



Year 2 Numeracy


WEEK 3 Week beginning 18.1.21


Y2 Vimeo links



Wednesday DIVISION BY 5

Thursday  DIVISION BY 10

Friday Today is a mental maths day! Use the following links to practise your times tables and your mental maths!



Mathsshed via Spellingshed login

Year 3 Numeracy


Week beginning 18.1.21 (Week 3)


Y3 Vimeo links

Monday   DIVIDE WITH REMAINDERS Activity not worksheet

Tuesday  DIVISION BY 2 BY 1 DIGIT (3)

Wednesday   SCALING


Friday  Today is a mental maths day! Use the following links to practise your times tables and your mental maths!



Mathsshed via Spellingshed login

Extension Maths


Maple Class love dipping a toe into "Danger!" Below are some addition and subtraction problems which should offer some stretch to those who are brave enough in Year 2 and Year 3! This will be a fantastic way to revise this strand!


Maths intervention

Still image for this video
Maths intervention focusing on key skills
Video 1- place value

This week we are beginning a NEW and EXCITING topic - Dragons. 


Our focus this week is on recalling all we know about dragons, learning about and recognising the features of a report and recording our own heading and introductory paragraph. Next week, we will be creating our own dragon before completing our report. Please see Class Dojo for a recorded introduction!

You are now logged onto and have access to online books whenever you want! I have not allocated books but can see how often you are enjoying the books on there.



The documents below are LARGE and cover a whole school year! Please choose one which appeals to your child. It could be read online and answers recorded on paper or you could just print the individual text off. The answers are in the separate attached documents. Please dip in daily.


Please find the spelling lists for both Year 2 and 3 for Spring Term 1. Test at the end of the week if you are able, give your child the new spellings and then they have a week to practise on Spelling Shed etc for their next test. Thank you!

This is a link to a really good introduction to joining handwriting, practising the different joins.

This half-term, we are sharing a daily class prayer about courage. For each day, I will add a quotation or message for you to consider. Maple children can then create a prayer which we can share at our daily assemblies!



  • “Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow." - Mary Anne Radmacher


  • “Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it." - Mark Twain


  • “A person cannot discover new oceans unless h e has the courage to lose sight of the shore." - Andre Gide


  • “If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed." - David Viscott


  • " Courage is learning that you don't have to be a Scaredy Squirrel, but a flying squirrel!" - Mrs Williams

 This is the link to allow you to explore a synagogue today. It is really important to understand how different people show their faith in God so that we can understand others better!


Week 3    Week beginning 18.1.21


This week, we are exploring the power of MAGNETS. There are some experiments you can try at home. Remember to keep your tests fair, and to record the results so that we can share them during our class assemblies daily.

Watch the powerpoint and all your instructions are on there, including links to inspiring videos and examples of the experiments to help you. All you need is a magnet, a ruler and a handful of paper clips!

Family means different things to different people. What kind of families are there? What are loving relationships like? Watch the powerpoint.

Challenge: create a poster showing that there are many different types of family but that they have one thing in common – love!




This is our next topic for you to explore throughout this half-term - Food, Glorious Food!

For Music this half term we are going to use this link there, scroll down the webpage and you will find a subtitle -Playlists. Click on the third orange button along called Songs to get Moving. We are going to focus on this collection of songs this term! We are going to think about how we can add a beat to each song. Each week please focus on the songs below by listening to the track, learning the lyrics and finding a way to play a beat.


Don't worry if you don't have any instruments at home; you could simply use your hands to clap or click, stamp your feet, or (if you're feeling brave, use a saucepan and wooden spoon- sorry parents!)

I would love to see any performances if you feel confident enough to share via Class Dojo.


These are the songs for each week:

Week 2 : Baby one, two, three

Week 3: Big Sing Up Mambo

Week 4: Bungalow

Week 5: Can't Stop the Feeling

Week 6: CREATE YOUR OWN SONG! This can just be a short song about anything you like with a simple beat. 


Have fun with this and be creative!