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Chilthorne Domer Church School

We Stand Tall, Aim High and Love Learning

Maple Class learning resources

Spring Term 2021


Well done for a really positive first week back! I am SO proud of all the learners at home and at school. Your children are fabulous! I can't wait to have all the Maple children back in school and I have lots of lovely learning ready for them.


Here are some of the tongue twisters we have been practising during our registration meetings if you want to have additional practice at home:


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?


Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not, whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot, we'll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not.


Betty Botter bought some butter but the butter Betty Botter  bought was bitter, so Betty Botter bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better. 




Mental Maths practice/fluency:

Breaking news! Great link to short and fun video maths games to play at home and at school! Click on the link below!

Maths Snacks Videos (


Your logins for Spelling Shed also allow you access to MathShed. On the games option, there are some great key skill games which include Number bonds, times tables, etc. Please have a look. 

Topmarks is also a great free site for all areas of Maths and learning is via games.



YEAR 2 and YEAR 3 

This week, Year 3 will be revising material which was covered during previous lockdowns and using the same materials as the Year 2's. There are extension activities to offer additional challenges, where appropriate.


Working with parts and wholes activity – no worksheet, activity below


Make equal parts

This is the White Rose vimeo link and there is a worksheet below. If your child needs more challenge, then please access the Classroom Secrets problem solving and reasoning questions afterwards to test application  (Developing, Expected, Greater Depth - please choose the right one for your child)


Recognise a half– White Rose worksheet and video

Twinkl mastery worksheets for additional challenge.


Find a half– worksheet and video

Year 2 - Week 7 - Lesson 3 - Find a half on Vimeo

There are additional Mastery and Greater Mastery problems for today and tomorrow also


Recognise a quarter– worksheet and video







Year 2 and 3 Week 2 Resources

Extension Maths


Maple Class love dipping a toe into "Danger!" Below are some problems which should offer some stretch to those who are brave enough in Year 2 and Year 3! I have updated the documents below. The first set focus on Year 3 objectives but I know that some of my Year 2's will be able to solve some of them too. The second set have a Year 2 bias.


This half-term we are beginning to explore our new book, 'On a Magical Do-Nothing Day' by Beatrice Alemagna.


"All I want to do on a rainy day like today is stay inside and play my game. The game drives Mum mad, and she takes it away. I take it back and dash outside - but splash! Disaster strikes. Without my game, nothing is fun. Well, let's see. Maybe I'm wrong about that....." 


This week, we are thinking about the pros and cons of living in an urban or rural area and writing a persuasive piece of writing based on this.

I have added some reading bookmarks below to support parents in asking their child questions about the book or text that he/she is reading. There are some useful question starters on them, and these are questions that your child is used to being asked in school.


You are now logged onto and have access to online books whenever you want! I have not allocated books but can see how often you are enjoying the books on there.

In addition to this, the BBC have just created a virtual library giving children free book access via



The documents below are LARGE and cover a whole school year! Please choose one which appeals to your child. It could be read online and answers recorded on paper or you could just print the individual text off. The answers are in the separate attached documents. Please dip in daily.


Please find the spelling lists for both Year 2 and 3 for Spring Term 1. Test at the end of the week if you are able, give your child the new spellings and then they have a week to practise on Spelling Shed etc for their next test. Thank you!

This is a link to a really good introduction to joining handwriting, practising the different joins.

Phonics Week Commencing 1.03.2021

This half-term, we are sharing a daily class prayer about forgiveness. For each day, I will add a quotation or message for you to consider. Maple children can then create a prayer which we can share at our daily assemblies!


MONDAY - "We need to forgive others, because God always forgives us."

TUESDAY - "Sometimes we forgive, not because we are wrong, but because staying angry robs us of happiness."


WEDNESDAY - "Forgiveness is not easy, yet there is no peace without forgiveness."

THURSDAY - "Forgiveness is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself."

FRIDAY - "There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love." – Bryant H. McGill.


Please also use this link to access assemblies Mrs Chesterton -

Week 2 This week we are using challenge cards to build our knowledge of Judaism


Week 2

This week we are making scientific predictions about plant growth. 



Week 2

This half term, we are focusing on Community in the topic “All Around Me.”

We are using the resources from Oak national academy to support our learning.


In today’s lesson – “I roll with my role,” you will watch a powerpoint and explore the roles and responsibilities that you, as a citizen, have in your community. You will then create a video that outlines your role, alongside the main responsibilities you have.


In History this half-term, we are exploring Crime and Punishment. This week, we are examining the Romans!



This half-term, our French topic is Family and Friends. This week, we are learning vocabulary for our pets!


For Music this half term, we will be using the Somerset Music Team's live music lessons lead by Nicola Thompson

Click on the link for your first lesson - don't worry that it is week 2. This week's focus in on....percussion!

Please join in PE with our PE teaching assistant Mr Bond via this link!

This half-term, we are exploring the Russian artist Kandinsky. See below for a powerpoint and your first activity!