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Chilthorne Domer Church School

Together we Love, we Aim High and we Celebrate!


English 29/03/22

LO: to plan a setting description using specific techniques


For today's session I would like you to choose one of the settings from our story "A River" (city, factories, jungle, farm or under the sea) and write some ideas under the different headings that you think you could use in your writing. There are different challenges of sheets to choose from (some with more techniques expected than others) I have attached different images to help you!


As a reminder-


senses: use what you might see, hear, smell, feel and (if necessary) taste. Remember, you don't always have to write "I can smell/feel/see..." but could simply write "the smell of .... wafts through the air"


Simile: using as or like to make a comparison which helps build a picture e.g. the books stood like a row of soldiers on the shelf or the sea roared as loudly as a lion


Personification: giving something a human characteristic to help build a picture. E.G. the pencil danced across the page, the rain tickled the pavement


Good luck!