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Chilthorne Domer Church School

Together we Love, we Aim High and we Celebrate!

Ash Class Curriculum Challenges

Week Beginning: 10th May 2021

Monday 10th: RE

This week we are looking at the Creation story from Genesis and thinking about Why the World was Made.

I would like the children to watch this animation  and discuss what they remember with an adult; what do Christians believe that God created? How long did it take him? Why do you think he created that? What do you think is the best thing God created?

Children must then draw a picture of what they believe is the best thing God created. Will you choose the sea, the mountains, the trees or your favourite animal, strawberries, apples or may be even humans?

Year 1- can you write a word telling me what your picture is and ask your adult to write down why you chose that special thing?

I CANNOT wait to see what you choose and may even do it myself!

Tuesday 11th: Music

So I hear you've been learning The 3 Billy Goats Gruff in English?

 I would like you to watch these 2 lovely ladies telling you the story with a rhythm! Listen carefully then have a go at finding the rhythm yourself- can you clap the rhythm, stamp or trip trap like the goats? Which goat would trip trap the loudest? Can you think about the volume ? I would love to see any little performances you come up with using the video to help you.

Good luck Little goats!

Wednesday 12th: Somerset Day: Computing

Yesterday was Somerset Day.  This is a day when we can celebrate all things wonderful about Somerset.  What do you love the most about Somerset and where we live?  Can you use your investigation skills to find out about Somerset?


There are lots of famous landmarks, which have been plotted out on the maps below.  Can you use Google Earth to find out about the different places?  If not, you can look at some of the pictures that are on the PDF documents to see some images.  Some of the places include; Wells Cathedral, Bath Abbey, The Royal Crescent, The Roman Baths, Weston-Super-Mare's Pier, Ham Hill, Montacute House and Glastonbury Tor.  Perhaps there are other places that make your heart sing in Somerset like our wonderful Ninesprings. 


Once you have had a look at them, use Jit5 Paint to create a picture of your favourite landmark.  Think about the different skills and tools that you can use to create your picture.  You might like to use the paintbrush at different thicknesses or you might like to use the clipart to add people or animals.  When completed, please upload a picture of your creation to Tapestry or Dojo so that we can decorate the website with all things Somerset.

Thursday 13th: Somerset Day: Art


Today, we will be continuing with our theme of 'Somerset Day'.  Your challenge is to think of one landmark / object that is special to you and create a silhouette of it.  A silhouette is a black outline.  You can create this from black colouring pencil, pen, paint or paper but remember it is your creation so it must be created by you.  Perhaps the monument at Ham Hill gives you special memories or a tree from Ninesprings?  Maybe you have been for a lovely walk to the top of Glastonbury Tor or had a walk around Montacute House?  Whatever you choose, it needs to be personal to you.


Then behind it or around it, you need to create your very own sunset. Again, you can choose how you create your sunset and you will need to do this using the materials you have at home.  Perhaps you have colouring pencils, felt tip pens, paints, watercolours or tissue paper?  Start at the bottom of your page with a lovely yellow, that goes into orange and red.  As you move up through the middle of the page you can use pink that turns into purple and then blue.  There is a picture below to give you some inspiration.


Please upload your photographs so that we can share your wonderful pictures with the school and show how important Somerset is to Ash Class.

Friday 14th: PE

By this point, we are all starting to feel it in isolation so have a go at being creative either in a room inside or in your private outdoor space e.g. garden or patio area.  Can you make a mini assault course, where you have to do different things around your garden?  You may not have sports equipment, but you can identify areas where you have to move in different ways e.g. one area to do star jumps, another to do skipping, one to move along the floor like an animal, a place to practise your ball skills e.g. dribbling or even using flower pots (with permission) to set up an area where you can run safely around and in between.   There are some activity cards below that might help you to think of some ideas.  Once completed, invite someone at home with you to try your course.  What is their favourite part?  Then post your learning on Tapestry or Dojo for us to see.  Good luck!

Friday 7th May 2021



This afternoon is usually PE and this week, it is particularly difficult to get active due to our isolation period.  However, it is important to get moving and feel energised so please choose one of the videos below and get your family to join in with you.  You can also click on the link below to view the videos that Mr Barlow created for the KS1 classes during our last lockdown, which can be done in a room at home.


As always, these videos are hosted via YouTube.  Therefore, please ensure you check any adverts etc. to safeguard your child before they watch any of the external videos.  Mr Barlow's videos have been recorded independently and will not have these adverts attached.

Thursday 6th May 2021



Today, we will be thinking about computing and how we 'move online'.  Please use the link below to access the Jit 5 website and make sure that the tab in the top right hand corner is selected to 'turtle'.  You will then need to select the space background. If you can not see this, press the cog in the top left hand corner and you will then be able to access all of the backgrounds again.


When moving something on screen, we create an 'algorithm'.  This is a set of instructions to about how to move step by step.  Your challenge today is to move the rocket so that it flies across each planet.  As it flies across each planet in turn, a flag will appear to show that you have been to visit, just like when Neil Armstrong placed the flag on the moon.  This will then create your algorithm at the side.


To start with make sure your there is a tick on the tab in the bottom left hand corner on the word 'simple'.  This will let you move the rocket and turn it physically as you give each instruction.  Afterwards, if you wish to have a challenge you can select 'advanced'.  This keeps the rocket still, whilst you program it with the instructions at the side before you press go.  If you make a mistake, don't worry!  This is where you can show your skills to 'debug' the algorithm, changing one of the steps to improve it.

Wednesday 5th May 2021


Today, we had planned to look briefly at India before creating our very own Tiger sculptures.


If you can, please have a look at the video below so that your child can begin to see what India is like:


Afterwards, have a little look at the tigers in this video:


Your challenge:  Can you create a tiger using something that you have at home?  In school, we were going to use paper cups, paint and pipe cleaners for our sculpture but you may have playdough, card, paper or Lego etc. that you can use. 


Alternatively, you may wish to create a painting like the one by Henry Rousseau attached below or use your bricks to create the Taj Mahal.




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